Tuesday, 26 May 2015

History 12-1: Vietnam War(s)

On Monday we wrote the Cold War unit test and today we discussed the Vietnam War - a conflict once described as the "10,000 Day War." We used a map graphic to pinpoint the countries in the SE Asia region. Note: I misspoke and noted Bhutan was Tibet - Tibet is Bhutan's much larger northern neighbour (first mistake of the year).

It is helpful to think of the war in phases: (1) Japanese occupation, (2) French attempts at recolonization, (3) American advisors prior to Gulf of Tonkin, (4) full-scale war after Tonkin, (5) Nixon's Vietnamization and pull-out and finally, (6) the "fall" of the South.

Please read DeMarco starting at p 214 and complete Ex #1-5 for homework. Here are some notes from today's lesson:

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