Friday, 1 May 2015

History 12-1: Guest speaker Barry Krangle on the Holocaust

We were honoured today with a visit by master teacher and principal Barry Krangle who came to share his international experience working to develop curricula on the topic of the Holocaust. We started with a review of some of the mechanisms that the Nazis used to implement their racist laws and institutions and then heard of Mr. Krangle's experiences researching in Germany, Poland and Israel. In our discussions before today's lesson, I asked him to put a human face on this topic and I think he did that very well. There is never enough time to give to any one topic in this course, but I think it is important to be reminded of Mr. Krangle's message that we all have a duty to use our knowledge of the past to stand up against that which we know is unjust. Thank you, Barry.

Monday is a pd day. We will review the protocol for sharing our inquiries on Tuesday, and you should be ready to share on Wednesday.

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